Common Questions About Teething

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Although teething is a painful and discomforting condition that all children who have teeth will experience, it is a natural part of life and must be allowed to run its course. However, there are treatment methods to use to help alleviate pain. Listed below are some common questions about teething:

What is teething?
a.) Teething is a dental procedure to whiten a person’s teeth
b.) Teething is a result of teeth breaking the surface of the gums for the first time, which may cause discomfort or pain
c.) Teething is damage or decay caused by excessive biting
d.) None of the above

True or False: Teething is the result of bad oral hygiene.
a.) True
b.) False

True or False: A child’s first tooth will erupt above their gum line before they are 1 years old.
a.) True
b.) False

What are some of the treatment options for a child that is teething?
a.) Teething rings
b.) Rubbing cold objects such as spoons across a child’s gums
c.) Teething tablets, if given under the supervision of the child’s pediatrician
d.) All of the above

Answer Key: b, b, a, d

If you think your child may be teething, please call Mountainland Pediatric Dentistry so we can get them in to see Dr. Jared Pearson and our team as soon as possible. Our pediatric office is located in Lehi, Utah, and we can be reached at 801-766-2111. We look forward to seeing your child smile bright this season.