How to Handle Your Child’s Cavity

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Parenting can present difficulties at times. Even though you try to keep your child from developing tooth decay by having them brush and floss on a regular basis, cavities can still happen. Children often get cavities in their baby teeth, and you shouldn’t blame yourself. Children are predisposed to love sugar and are prone to missing certain places while brushing.

If your child does develop a cavity, it will require a dental filling. Your family’s dentist, Dr. Jared Pearson knows how children feel when they visit Mountainland Pediatric Dentistry and that it can be a scary experience for them. To help you and your child through this process we’ve compiled some tips on how to handle the situation.

Be relaxed.
Your child can pick up on if you’re nervous. Help them to be at ease about their dental filling treatment by getting rid of any anxiety you may have about their dental filling. This will help your child relax as well.

Be positive.
This ties into the above advice, but has more to do in how you express your feelings regarding the situation. Avoid any blame about the situation. Telling them, “you should have done a better job brushing” is not really helpful. Just let them know it is okay and that Dr. Jared Pearson is going to make treat the cavity to make the tooth better. We can help you work out a plan for future cavity prevention.

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